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Catvampcrazines' art journal

Fan art, icons, headers, wallpapers, bases, drawings.

catvamps_art (Catvampcrazines' icon journal)
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Here you will find catvampcrazines' icons, lj banners, fan vids, and other art.

For the most part they will be Btvs/Ats, SGA, Torchwood, and SPN. But, my fandoms do also include anime, Bleach , Bones, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Jossverse actor stuff, Psych, Sailor Moon, Xena, and a few others.

I might post sketchings, singing, and fic from time to time also.

All I ask is that you comment and credit to catvamps_art.


by catvamps_art

For my icons and art, I get my pics and brushes mostly from:
Sometimes I use icon brushes, textures, and caps by colorfilter, aloneinthetown, _joni, teh_indy, crazy_perfume, ohpaintbrush, firaga, organza, oxoniensis, amethystia100, killerweasel, icon_goddess, lidi, thegrrrl2002

www.stargatecaps.com , http://www.alanna.net/screencaps/ , http://www.chosentwo.com/gallery/index.php , http://www.superiorpics.com, FreeFoto.com, http://www.workbook.com/, http://www.screencap-paradise.com/index.php , http://www.chosentwo.com/gallery/index.php , http://qaf.mskiteonline.com/ , http://www.eric-szmanda.net , http://dana.thedudes.nu/, http://www.agefotostock.com , http://torchwood.time-and-space.co.uk/coppermine/index.php , http://soul-hunter.com/sailormoon/ , and http://www.heroes-pictures.com .

Icon tables are by sql_girl

My Mood Theme of the moment was created by: crackified.

Let Go (Doctor/Donna) A fan vid by Cat (aka me). Lol. (Song by Frou Frou)

Slapped together really quickly to go with my Ianto/Tosh (TW OTP!<3) smutlet, "Hacker Tease." By me. Lol. Please don't judge my vidding by this.