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07 May 2013 @ 04:47 am
New Vid: Hannibal II Blutides II Will Graham  
Vid: Blutides
Character: Will Graham
Song by Donna Lewis
View it streaming. (Download link upon request.)

Oh, little river, are you giving in to me? Giving in to me... Oh, little river, are you breathing for me? Oh, under the layers, linger with me, hold in the moment with me... under the veils of red.

Notes: Finished in one day because the show on its own makes me cry and the headspace is uncomfortable. Going over and over this would have been too much. Will's situation breaks me... Ugh—it's not a happy trip to vid. Once I connected this song and this show in my head though, something needed to be done.

*sigh* I just want him to survive.

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